Monday, 30 May 2011

last day practical

my last day at MurtadzaNuri architect
proud to myself
thanks to my mom&dad coz helped me alot,my family,my raihanbaker and my friends
so many laughs and tears i have gone through the prctical in this firm
thanks alot to murtadzanuri architect's family who willing to help me a lot in my work
one day i'll be back


my 1 years 10 month annys with raihanbaker and
this is the 1st time my band which called tpc band performed  at the
White Bungalow, No. 1, Jln. Hj Yaacob @Rose garden, Johor Bahru, Johor
(near to Tepian Tebrau, Sg.Chat & Dataran JB)
and my 1st experience performed kt depan crowd
peluh jgn cter r menitis bak hujan gerimis
so guys please support us and do hear to our song =) 

 tpc on the flyers ouh crying..
 happy 1years 10 month annys
special thanks to tpc's famils members coz always support us
thanks guys

ouh damn forgot

idk why?? iM just dAMN fORGOT of my blog email
so this is my officially new blog